Medieval villages


The heritage jewel of la Garrotxa region with stories of counts and abbots.

It is a village with special charm where you can’t miss:

  • the fortified bridge
  • the Jewish heritage: the medieval synagogue and micvé – Jewish purification bath – (entrance fee is 2,50 EUR)
  • beautiful alleys
  • its craft shops



The best preserved Gothic town in Catalonia with cobbled streets and hidden corners.

Let yourself be captivated by:

  • the tower of homage
  • the squares and alleys
  • the walls and the church

Don’t leave without buying rice, the local product.



It is magical to walk through its streets: it takes you back to medieval times.

This small fortified medieval town has:

  • the moat up to 7 meters deep
  • the castle
  • the walls
  • the main square

And much more!