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Discover the secrets of one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Europe.

6 centuries of Jewish community make up the history of the city.

With this guided tour you will uncover where Jewish people lived, which activities they did, the location of the 3 medieval synagogues and much more.

In Girona, the famous rabbai and Kabbalist Nahmanides was born.

Girona is “mother city of Israel” and was a center of spirituality.You cannot miss the Museum of Jewish History.

It contains:

  • medieval documents like quetubas and notary papers
  • the most important collection of Hebrew tombstones on the Peninsula
  • the last micvé – Jewish ritual bath – of the Girona community, which was in use until the Expulsion in 1492.

Entrane fee is 4€ per person. 




Enjoy the best spots of the old quarter with this walking tour.

Girona is completely laid out in stone and has both Romanesque and Gothic buildings from XII to XIV centuries.

Discover the secrets of one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Europe. The history of the city is made up of six centuries of residence of the Jewish community.

In addition to that, we can enjoy the oil and chesnuts squares, the merchants street, the Rambla and the Eiffel’s bridge.

Girona preserves 1,8 km of walls. There is the option to walk along the medieval walls from XIV C.

Did you know that the 6th season of Game of Thrones was recorded in Girona? If you want, we can explore some of its filming locations.

Optional: entrance to the Cathedral of Santa Maria, were you can admire the widest Gothic nave in the world, the Tapestry of Creation, hand-embroidered Romanesque jewel and the Romanesque cloister. Entrance fee is 7,50€ per person. 




Guided tour of the Girona’s most famous legends.

Do you know that Girona has more than 20 legends?


  • The legend of the Lioness, which claims that “whoever kisses the Lioness’ bottom will return to Girona”
  • The most famous one: the Flies of Saint Narcissus
  • The Tarlà, related to xuixo, the typical sweet of Girona
  • As well as the Witch, the Gerió, the Cocollona, etc

Ideal tour for families, groups of friends and companies.



If you like the sweet treat, this is your experience! 

This experience combines the guided tour of the old quarter with the tasting of two local sweets:

  • the xuixo
  • the icecream

guided tour Girona

We talk about the xuixo, the most well-known gironinian sweet. It’s a fried pastry butter bun filled with cream. And we reveal the legend of the Tarlà, which has a lot to do with the origin of the xuixo.

And we taste the xuixo of course!

We continue to the village to get to know the Cathedral square and the Jewish quarter. 

The visit continues along the Rambla, the pedestrian area with stone arches, trees and terraces and we cross the Eiffel’s bridge.

We stop at Rocambolesc gelatto store, run by Jordi Roca, the little brother of Roca family, owners of the famous Celler de Can Roca restaurant, the world’s best restaurant two times.

And we taste the icecream you like the most!

With this experience you discover Girona and taste its richest sweets.

You’ll love this tour!



Would you like to visit the old quarter and enjoy local food?

This is your experience!

I adapt the tapas tour to any person 🙂

Let me know your preferences and if you have any allergy.

The tapas tour includes:

  • guided tour of the historical site
  • tasting of 4 tapas
  • 2 drinks

You will like this tour!


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The duration of a guided tour is 1 – 2 hours.

Price: from 160 EUR.

Exclusive private tour just for you.

I can tailor any tour.

If you wish, we can extend the duration to 3 or 4 hours. And we may also:


Combine with  DALÍ  MUSEUM

                        COSTA  BRAVA

                        MEDIEVAL  VILLAGES



We have a service of private transportation with driver.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.

Have a nice day!