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My name is Gemma Calveras.

I am a tour guide specialised in guided tours in Girona and its region.

And I want to make each tour a one-of-a-kind experience.


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I love coffee milk!

When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher. When a young I wanted to become an actress. In fact, I studied Theatre at the Theatre Institute of Vic, but I saw it wasn’t my thing.

To be a guide is like beeing teacher and actress at the same time. You show sites, you explain things and you do a “show” every day.

I love my job!

Would you like to know more about me?


Born in la Pobla de Lillet, in the Pyrenees.

I came to Girona in order to study at the university.

Girona is a town you will fall in love with. It means a lot to me: half of my life. I’ve lived here for 20 years and I hope there are many more!

At the University of Girona I graduated in Tourism and did an Erasmus in Liège, Belgium for 6 months.

I also studied the Degree in Tourism Management at the UdG.

I have travelled to several countries and done a Leonardo da Vinci in Britain, where I lived with an English family for 4 months.

I also lived in Germany for 5 months where I worked and studied at the same time.

I first worked as an accompanying guide for Catalonia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, etc. Then little by little I devoted myself to becoming a local guide.

I became Official Tourist Guide of Catalonia in 2003.

I have 15 years’ experiene as a local guide and it is what I like to do the most